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The Dark Phoenix Saga Part 4, The Fate Of Phoenix
Review and Media by Stu

Episode #42 - The Dark Phoenix Saga Part 4, The Fate Of Phoenix
Original Airdate November 26th 1994

The X-Men battle the Sh'air to determine whether or not Jean Grey is allowed to live.

Written By: Brooks Watchel
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy
Animation Services By: AKOM

Review: Whilst this episode isn’t as good as the previous instalment, it’s still better than any of the other Phoenix episodes. With Jean now free of the Phoenix, The Sh’iar believe that Jean must be killed, in case Phoenix should ever return.

Thankfully, unlike the original Phoenix Saga, this episode doesn’t turn into some intergalactic battle, here, the characters still take centre stage. Surprisingly, all the characters get a fair amount of screen time, and each of them has their own say on the subject. I thought Beast’s made the most sense, he summed up the situation perfectly.

The fight on the moon was easily on of the best the show ever did. It can’t have been easy to do, especially with the vast amount of characters that need to be defeated but very few of them came across as pushovers, meaning that some 15+ characters had to be taken out in original ways. This is most impressive considering that, much like Spider-Man, the X-Men were barely allowed to fight. The restrictions on this show were never as apparent as they were on Spider-Man, partially because the storyboard crew managed to find ways around them. There was the odd exception (snow in Wolverine’s eyes blinding him being the prime one) but most of the time, X-Men’s lack of fights wasn’t noticeable. The same goes for X-Men: Evolution too, both shows did a very good job of covering their fight scenes.

The joining together of hands to save Phoenix was well done. It was weird to see Cyclops practically kill Phoenix, but as this is a cartoon that kids watch, it wouldn’t stick.

In closing, this arc was much better than the original Phoenix saga, but can’t be considered among the best the show had to offer. A weak opening greatly held the story back, and this is unfortunate, as the ending 2 episodes are great fun.