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The Dark Phoenix Saga Part One, Dazzled
Review and Media by Stu

Episode #39 - The Dark Phoenix Saga Part One, Dazzled
Original Airdate 12th November 1994

Jean returns to the Mansion and is tricked into joining The Inner Circle.

Written By: Jan Strand
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy
Animation Services By: AKOM

Review: This story is widely regarded as the greatest X-Men comic book story ever told, hence, itís more or less given a direct translation here, with the usual adjustments, which basically boil down to the cast.

Unfortunately, not unlike part one of the original part one of the original Phoenix Saga, this episode suffers from terribly slow pacing, and bland villains. In hindsight, I think removing the Inner Circle from the story wouldíve worked a lot better. Theyíre beyond mediocre here, and their voices and designs simply are quite embarrassing.

Dazzler also makes a brief appearance in the episode. Dazzler is well known for being one of the most hated members of the X-Men ever, so her appearance was kept short. Itís a nice nod to the few fans she has, and it served a purpose. Unfortunately, her voice actress was one of the worst to appear in the show, which is quite an achievement, given how terribly the female were often represented in this show.

Another opening episode that accomplishes nothing, other than setting up the following part. Given how well this series managed to execute two part stories, itís amazing to see them struggle to do the big 4/5 part stories.