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Cold Comfort
Review and Media by Stu

Episode #36 - Cold Comfort
Original Airdate September 20th 1997

Iceman returns and immediatly causes problems for Xavier by breaking into a goverment compound.

Written By: Len Uhley
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy
Animation Services By: Philippines
Guest Starring: Dennis Akayama as Iceman

Review: This episode serves as Icemanís only appearance in the cartoon, and fortunately, itís memorable enough for Iceman fans to be satisfied with it. Iíve always liked Iceman so it was great to see him animated. They took a really unexpected turn with the character here, as a bitter ex-member, rather than the juvenile youth heís usually depicted as.

I actually really liked him here, and it was great seeing him feuding with Cyclops. Scott was a little too much of a boy scout in some episodes, so it was cool to see him angry for once. Given that this episode was animated by Philippines and not AKOM, Cyclops looked damn cool. Iíve always preferred the blue on black look and they pulled it off flawlessly here. Whilst this effort isnít as strong as ďOut Of The PastĒ, this is still a very nice looking episode, with only one or two animation screw-ups (which is great for X-Men, trust me!)

It was cool seeing the old costumes in the flashback segments. Thereís always been a great confusion as to what happened to the X-Men before the show premiered. Weíve seen Angel as a member in some flashbacks, yet when we met him in the show, they seemed like theyíd never laid eyes on each other before. This episode also shows Bobby fighting Magneto, who they also apparently hadnít met before ďEnter MagnetoĒ. These are small nitpicks, but for a continuity heavy show like X-Men, Iím surprised they got past the producers!

The other main big factor besides freeze face appearing is X Factor! I personally donít see the need for all the different mutant groups they have in the comics, but X-Factorís introduction here was a sensible one, which was intriguing enough to warrant a follow up it unfortunately didnít receive. They managed to get in a few great fanboy nods, such as Havok and Cyclops powers not harming each other, and their confused reactions. Itís cool that they manage to get these little scenes in here, even though the younger audience would probably just shake their heads in confusion.

Given how this episode ended, Iím pretty sure it was right that we never saw Iceman again. It wouldíve been great to have him at Graduation Day for the goodbye speech, but this episode explains everything so well there really isnít any need for a follow up.