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Orphan's End
Comparison By A. Magik, Media By Stu and James Harvey

X-Men often adapted stories from the comic to the screen. But due to the different nature of each medium, no episode could be directly translated. Presented in the list below is a list of changes from the comics to the episode. This episode is based on Uncanny X-Men #154.

-Both versions have Cyclops and Storm as the only X-Men in this story. The rest of the group is somewhere else.
-Being pursued from space, Corsair goes to Earth to seek help from the X-Men. He crashes his ship into the pond near the School, where he gets rescued by Cyclops.
-Cyclops finds out Corsair is his father from his dog tag (bearing the name Christopher Summers) and a locket showing a picture of his mother, himself as a boy, and his brother Alex.
-Cyclops does not take the revelation very well, feeling that his father had abandoned him to the orphanage.
-The origin of the Summers Family disintegration is adapted: a family plane trip is intercepted and attacked by a Shi'ar crusier carrying Emperor D'Ken. The plane is damaged, with only one parachute left. Scott and his brother Alex are chosen to bear it. However, the chute captures fire in descent, giving the boys' parents the fear that they were killed. Christopher and his wife Kate are teleported to the Shi'ar cruiser.
-The adaptation also mentions Kate's murder by D'Ken, Corsair's life in the slave pits, and his rescue by the Starjammers. Believing all his family to be dead, Corsair doesn't return to Earth, becoming a pirate in space.
-After learning the truth, Cyclops forgives Corsair.
-Corsair's pursuit is the brainchild of Shi'ar commander Samedar, to keep the pirate from stopping a traitorous plan to get power of the Shi'ar Empire.
-Cyclops and Storm aid Corsair from his pursuers, going underground the School, and via a monocar, escaping by an aircraft.
-The trio stop their pursuers and their plans.
-Once it's over, Cyclops and Corsair spend some time together

-In the comic, what pursues Corsair to Earth are not Shi'ar, but Sidri hunters, crab-like bounty hunters sent by the Shi'ar conspirators. In the comic, the Sidri completely destroy the School for Gifted Youngsters in its pursuit (the 1st time the mansion gets demolished).
-The reason for the other X-Men's absence is different. In the comic, the team move much of their belongings to an abandoned Magneto fortress in the Bermuda Triangle. This is because previous breaches of the mansion (by a N'gari Demon, Sentinels, the Hellfire Club), the irreparable housing damages caused by the attacks, and growing anti-mutant sentiment in the States have forced the team to be a little protective. The mansion's demolition further proves this point (eventually, Shi'ar technology repairs the mansion, and the team return to it). In the cartoon, the other X-Men are in some unknown mission.
-In the comic, Storm helps Cyclops get Corsair out of the pond.
-The shocking father-and-son revelation is two-fold in the cartoon. The comic Corsair knew Cyclops was his son at this point, as did Storm (Phoenix told them during the M'krann crystal battle in Uncanny X-Men #108, but Corsair wished it kept quiet out of respect for Cyclops. Comic Cyclops did get a hint of it, however, at one point noting his own resemblance to Corsair, as well as having flashbacks about the plane and Corsair being in it. However, he doesn't put two and two together until this story).
-In the comic, Cyclops, Storm, and Corsair fly in the Blackbird.
-Cyclops' mother had blond hair in the comic, not red hair in the cartoon (makes her look like Jean. Ewww!).
-The cartoon leaves out the details of Mrs. Summers' death. Corsair tried to save her from being raped by D'Ken. Noting their love, D'Ken stabs the wife in front of Corsair's eyes.
-In the comic, the kidnapped Shi'ar is Lilandra, not the pint-sized Jaryn. The comic story led to a major storyline where the X-Men and the Starjammers had to save Lilandra, stop the Shi'ar conspirators, and keep the Earth from getting destroyed by them. This does not appear in the cartoon.
-The comic did not have Corsair being framed by the conspirators, Cyclops arresting Corsair to the Shi'ar conspirators, Storm meeting and getting kidnapped by the Starjammers, or a plot to assassinate the important Shi'ar person.
-The cartoon pursuers get stopped by having their cruiser hit by their own cannon. The comic pursuers get blown up by Corsair (though they do leave a few eggs back at the School. Those get eaten by Kitty Pryde's pet space dragon Lockheed).
-Unlike their cartoon counterparts, the comic Starjammers do not assist Corsair in this story.
-Cyclops and Corsair's get together lasted a lot longer in the comic.

Interesting facts:
-In the flashback, the bird-like armored Shi'ar is Deathbird, D'Ken and Lilandra's sister. A renegade, among her acts include kidnapping her sister, helping the Brood Race kidnap the X-Men, deposing Lilandra as Majestrix, making her sister an outlaw (being a factor in keeping Professor Xavier in space, away from the X-Men and Earth for a while). She also got friendly with the X-Man Bishop.
-Cyclops' brother Alex is also the mutant Havok. It has been suggested that there might be a third Summers boy.
-It might be me, but I've noticed that Cyclops and Storm were getting a little more than chummy at this period in the comic. In Uncanny X-Men #155 and Uncanny X-Men #161, Storm is a consoling person to Cyclops, and he responds to her strongly. The Uncanny X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills graphic novel ends with the two embracing each other.

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