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Jubilee's FairyTale Theatre
Comparison By A. Magik, Media By Stu and James Harvey

X-Men often adapted stories from the comic to the screen. But due to the different nature of each medium, no episode could be directly translated. This episode is based on a two-parter story that appeared in Uncanny X-Men #169 - 170. This story, written by Chris Claremont and drawn by Paul Smith, introduced Callisto and the Morlocks, a group of outcasts some mutants living in the sewers of Manhattan.

-The plot revolves around the team rescuing a kidnapped member.
-Professor Xavier, Wolverine, Cyclops (Scott) and Jean Grey are characters in both versions.
-The Blackbird appears in both versions.
-The youngest X-Men tells a fairy tale story to children.
-The storyteller incorporates several of her comrades into the fairy tale: herself as some dashing vigilante, Professor Xavier as a wizard, and Logan as a violent-but-good-natured beast. Scott and Jean are a royal couple.
-A magic crystal is the key to resolution.
-The storyteller's actions are given attention by her teammates.

-The comic featured Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus' sister Illyana, and Carol Danvers. The cartoon had Gambit and Sabretooth.
-The comic book storyteller is Kitty Pryde (Sprite) telling the story to Peter's sister Illyana at bedtime. The cartoon storyteller is Jubilee telling the story to a group of schoolchildren touring the caves beneath the School for Gifted Youngsters.
-In the comic, the story is told during a brief piece between a battle with the Hellfire Club (UXM#151-152) and a destructive attack by Sidri hunters (UXM#154). In the cartoon, Jubilee tells the story during a cave-in and an oncoming flood (dangers she keeps secret from the children).
-The fairy tale in the comic is an Arabian Nights-type tale, with Kitty as a pirate, Peter as her pirate companion, Storm as a Genie, Nightcrawler as "Bamf" the elf , and Wolverine as the Fiend-With-No-Name. The cartoon fairy tale is a medieval setting, with Jubilee as an elf, Gambit as a thief, and Logan as a green Orc. The comic tale has Scott as a Noble Prince cursed with eye blasts he covers up with a magic turban. The cartoon tale has Scott as just a normal deposed King.
-In the comic, Jean Grey is dead at the time (according to the comic-book version of the Dark Phoenix Saga). In the cartoon, she is alive.
-The Blackbird appears as the black dragon Lockheed in the comic tale. In the cartoon, the Blackbird only appears as an aircraft in the real time.
-The villain of the comic tale is Jean as a princess corrupted by the evil spirit Dark Phoenix (who caused Scott's condition). The villain of the cartoon tale is Magneto as Magnus the Magnificent.
-The key crystal in the comic tale is based on a Shiar Homeopathic Matrix crystal of Jean's essence given to her mourning parents. The key crystal in the cartoon tale is based on the M'Krann crystal from the Phoenix Saga.
-The plot of the comic tale is Kitty and her crew trying to free Jean of the evil spirit. The plot of the cartoon tale is Jubilee and her band fighting to free the kingdom of Magnus' tyranny by getting the M'krann crystals.
-In the comic tale, Xavier's magic crystal defeats Dark Phoenix, freeing Jean and curing Scott's eyes. In the cartoon, the M'Krann defeats Magnus and frees the Kingdom.
-In the comic, the X-Men overhear Kitty's story and congratulate her, especially Scott who kisses her for her happy ending for Jean. In the cartoon, Jean and Xavier congratulate Jubilee for protecting the children from danger and trauma.

Interesting Points:
-The comic featured Carol Danvers, formerly the Avenger Ms. Marvel. Carol had suffered some major trauma: first she got raped and impregnated by some time-traveler, betrayed by her Avengers teammates (who accepted her relationship with the slimeball, failing to realize his horrible actions), and then got her powers, memories, and emotions stolen by Rogue (back then, a villainous member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants). Her mind restored by Xavier, Carol stayed with the X-Men for a while, eventually getting new powers as the Starjammer Binary.
-Uncanny X-Men #153 was one of the last times the X-Men lived in the original mansion. The school had received some major damages in Uncanny X-Men #143 (a N'Gari demon stalking Kitty), Uncanny X-Men #151 (a sentinel attack), and Uncanny X-Men #152 (battle with the Hellfire Club). The attack from alien Sidri hunters in UXM#154 demolished the place. For a time, the X-Men would stay at Magneto's fortress in the Bermuda Triangle (where Illyana would be kidnapped by Belasco and transformed into the adolescent demon sorceress Magik). Shiar technology would completely rebuild the mansion by Uncanny X-Men #164.
-When Kitty gets a pet dragon from outer space, she calls him Lockheed after her fairy tale.

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