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The Phoenix Saga, Part Five: Child of Light
Comparison By A. Magik, Media By Stu and James Harvey

X-Men often adapted stories from the comic to the screen. But due to the different nature of each medium, no episode could be directly translated. Presented in the list below is a list of changes from the comics to the episode for "The Phoenix Saga, Part Five: Child of Light," based on events from Uncanny X-Men #108 created by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum.

-Both versions of X-Men have Cyclops, Phoenix, Storm, and Wolverine in the group during this story.
-Professor Xavier is left behind on Earth.
-The M'Krann Crystal takes the X-Men, Lilandra, and the Starjammers into its internal environment.
-The M'Krann Crystal causes disorder to the Universe, threatening to wipe it out.
-We get to see Earth's super-heroes responding to the danger.
-Phoenix allies herself with the essence of her comrades for support and strength (forming a symbolic tree where each X-Men has a place), using the Phoenix force to restore order to the universe.

-Besides the aforementioned mentions, the comic X-Men included Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Banshee. The cartoon replaces them with Beast, Gambit, Rogue, and Jubilee (who remains on Earth).
-In the comic, Storm and Banshee are with the team in space (Storm is the first to volunteer her life force to Phoenix to save the world). In the cartoon, Storm and Banshee (not a member) remain on Earth.
-In the comic, the Earth only recieves a quake (a taste of what's to come). In the cartoon, the planet is overwhelmed by natural disasters.
-In the comic, we get to see the Avengers and the Fantastic Four noting the disturbance. In the cartoon, we see Alpha Flight, War Machine, and Spider-Man protecting civilians.
-D'Ken has a lesser role in the comic, being merely a victim in the disaster he has helped create. In the cartoon, he becomes the main organizer of the disaster, the crystal giving him omnipotent power. Thus, the comic lacks a big battle scene.
-The comic Wolverine doesn't enter the crystal world. He got punched out of the planet by Jahf the crystal guardian (Logan gets rescued by the Starjammer ship).
-The cause of the armageddon is different. In the comic, Cyclops - under nightmare delusions caused by the crystal's defenses - accidentally blasts the M'Krann Crystal's source, a sphere that contains the Neutron Galaxy, a force capable of destroying all. The optic beams shatter it. Phoenix's job is to fix the sphere's surface (which takes a very cosmic effort). The cartoon cause is D'Ken, and Phoenix has to encase him in the crystal to save the universe.
-The animated Imperial Guard enter the crystal world and assist the heroes in fighting God D'Ken. Their comic counterparts lie unconscious throughout the story.
-D'Ken survives in the comic (but placed into a coma). In the cartoon, he becomes trapped inside the crystal.
-Comic Phoenix is reunited with the team after her universe-saving task is done. In the cartoon, she has to sacrifice herself to make sure the M'Krann crystal is never used again (something she really doesn't have to do in the comic. Keep in mind that the comic crystal is large and connected to a planet, and remains inert for a very long time, not compactible and always reactive to anyone as in the cartoon).
-In the comic, Phoenix tells Corsair (and Storm) about his familial ties with Scott (who doesn't find out until later). In the cartoon, both father and son remain oblivious to their true relationship.
-In the cartoon, Lilandra departs Xavier and Earth shortly after to become Majestrix of the Shiar. The comic Lilandra had to remain on Earth and Xavier as a temporary exile until the Shiar government worked things out over her situation (on one hand, she is next-in-line for the throne, with D'Ken pronounced unfit to rule for reasons of insanity. However, she was pronounced a traitor, even though her actions proved just). Eventually, she is accepted as ruler.

Interesting Points:
-Professor Xavier did at one point accept Lilandra's offer to join her in space. In a later story, Xavier thought the X-Men (save for Phoenix) had died, and decided to leave Earth, becoming Lilandra's Prince Consort. However, his primitive status as an Earthling led to his being ignored by the other races. More importantly, worries over Phoenix's immense power (and her inability to control it) forced Xavier to return to Earth, where he was reunited with the X-Men. He has since decided to let his duty to create mutant-human integration and teach mutants take priority over personal feelings.

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