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Captive Hearts
Comparison By A. Magik, Media By Stu and James Harvey

X-Men often adapted stories from the comic to the screen. But due to the different nature of each medium, no episode could be directly translated. This episode is based on a two-parter story that appeared in Uncanny X-Men #169 - 170. This story, written by Chris Claremont and drawn by Paul Smith, introduced Callisto and the Morlocks, a group of outcasts some mutants living in the sewers of Manhattan.

-The plot revolves around the team rescuing a kidnapped member.
-Storm is in the rescue party.
-An X-Man gets infected by the Morlock mutant Plague.
-Storm fights a duel with Callisto, wins, and becomes Morlock leader.

-The kidnapped victim: In the comic, it was Angel (then an inactive member), to be made Callisto's consort. In the cartoon, it is Scott and Jean.
-With Storm, the rescue party in the comic included Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Ariel (Kitty Pryde in one of her pre-Shadowcat incarnations. Love her costume in this). In the cartoon, it included Rogue, Gambit and Wolverine. (It must be said that the comic book Wolverine had taken a leave of absence during the story, being in Japan at the time (as revealed in the Wolverine Limited Series 1-4). Rogue and Gambit were not yet members of the group)
-In the comic, Ariel was the one stricken by Plague. In the cartoon, Gambit was the victim.
-The Storm-Callisto duel was a lot more violent in the comic. Instead of the cartoon's high-tech quarter-staffs, the comic duel was a knife fight, ending with Storm stabbing Callisto in the heart (she survived thanks to a Morlock healer).
-Major characters in the cartoon, Morlocks Annalle and Leech were not in the comic story (they would appear in later comic stories concerning the Morlocks).

Interesting Points:
-Part two of the comic version (Uncanny X-Men #170) featured several subplots: Rogue (at the time a villainess) running away from Mystique (she is heading for the School for Gifted Youngsters, eventually joining the X-Men). Scott having his first date with Madelyne Pryor, who possesses an uncanny resemblence to his deceased (at the time) lover Jean Grey.
-In this story, the comic book Storm had a rougher experience than her comic book counterpart. She recieved a blow to the head thanks to a sling-shot metal ball (courtesy of Callisto), gets infected by Plague (swiftly recovers thanks to a unique immunity system in her body), and a slash on the arm and cheek in her duel with Callisto. At this point of the comic, she had also been able to withstand her claustaphobia, a recovery that would have been impossible in the cartoon, seeing how the fear was introduced in the previous episode.
-This story helped develop Storm's characterization. Previously the goddess-like soft heroine with a sanctity for life, Ororo became tougher with her near-killing of Callisto, taking on a hard-as-nails punk personality (complete with a Mohawk and a leather vest resembling Callisto's, something like a badge of authority).

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