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The Phoenix Saga, Part Three: Cry of the Banshee
Comparison By A. Magik, Media By Stu and James Harvey

X-Men often adapted stories from the comic to the screen. But due to the different nature of each medium, no episode could be directly translated. Presented in the list below is a list of changes from the comics to the episode for "The Phoenix Saga, Part Three: Cry of the Banshee," based on events from Uncanny X-Men #101 - 105 created by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum.

-For the Castle Keep battle, Wolverine and Banshee are in both group versions. In the battle of the super alien, Phoenix, Banshee, and Wolverine are in both versions of that fight.
-Muir Isle becomes the scene of a battle influenced by Eric the Red.
-Eric the Red hires Black Tom Cassidy and Juggernaut for the situation concerning Lilandra.
-There is a battle between the X-Men and Black Tom and Juggernaut at Cassidy Keep.
-For the Cassidy Keep story, Cyclops cuts out to watch over Jean.
-Banshee and Black Tom Cassidy are immune to each other's power.
-A super-powerful alien attacks the X-Men. This battle incites Phoenix into combat the first time since her appearance at Jamaica Bay. She defeats the super alien with ease. This begins the final part of the saga.

-The comic book roster: in the Castle Keep battle, Colossus, Storm, and Nightcrawler are included besides W and B. In the super alien, Cyclops, Storm, Colossus, and Nightcrawler are included besides W, B, and P. In the cartoon, Rogue, Jubilee, and Gambit are included.
-Banshee was an X-Man in the comic. An ally in the cartoon.
-In the comic, the villain in the Muir Isle battle is Magneto (rejuvenated from a child by Eric the Red in Uncanny X-Men #104) and he attacks the X-Men. In the cartoon, it is Black Tom and Juggie, who attack Professor Xavier and Lilandra.
-In the comic, Black Tom and Juggernaut were hired by Eric to destroy the X-Men (before they meet Lilandra). In the cartoon, they were hired to capture Lilandra.
-In the comic, the X-Men went to Cassidy Keep for a vacation from their space adventure (only to find it a trap by Black Tom and Juggie). In the cartoon, the trip to the Keep is a rescue mission.
-In the comic, the super alien is Firelord. A former herald of Galactus, he was making a visit to Earth, where Eric the Red convinced him that the X-Men were villains. In the cartoon, the super alien is Gladiator, Imperial Guard leader sent by Emperor D'Ken to take over Eric's mission.
-The story pieces are arranged for a quicker continuity in the cartoon. In the comic, the series of events go like this: The Cassidy Keep adventure, the Muir Isle battle with Magneto, Lilandra's appearance (at Jean Grey's apartment, not in Muir Isle), and the super alien attack (in America, not in Scotland). Spread out in five issues!

Interesting Points:

-The Cassidy Keep adventure is where Storm's claustophobia is introduced (Uncanny X-Men #101) as was Wolverine's name 'Logan' (Uncanny X-Men #103, revealed by a Cassidy Keep Leprauchan).
-Gladiator is believed to be a Marvel copy of Superman (the powers, the costume, etc.).

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