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X-Men Comparisons: Comic to Cartoon

X-Men: The Animated Series adapted many classic comic book storylines during its run. This section, "Comparisons: Comics to Cartoon," takes a look at the differences between the stories as originally presented in comic book form, and what made it to the small screen, comparing the animated adaptations to their comic roots. This section, covering a select group of episodes, appears courtesy of Toon Zone contributor A. Magik and Marvel Animation Age webmasters Stu and James Harvey.

Comic comparisons for the following X-Men: The Animated Series episodes:
-Captive Hearts
-Days of Future Past, Parts One & Two
-The Phoenix Saga, Part One: Sacrifice
-The Phoenix Saga, Part Two: The Dark Shroud
-The Phoenix Saga, Part Three: Cry of the Banshee
-The Phoenix Saga, Part Four: The Starjammers
-The Phoenix Saga, Part Five: Child of Light
-The Dark Phoenix Saga, Part One: Dazzled
-The Dark Phoenix Saga, Part Two: The Inner Circle
-The Dark Phoenix Saga, Part Three: The Dark Phoenix
-The Dark Phoenix Saga, Part Four: The Fate Of The Phoenix
-Orphan's End
-Proteus, Part One
-Proteus, Part Two
-Jubilee's Fairytale Theatre

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