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The Sentinels

First Appearance: Night Of The Sentinels
Voice: David Fox
The Sentinels are a group of robotic policemen designed to capture and eliminate mutants. Using the disguise of a “Mutant Registration” company, Sentinel creators Trask and Henry Gyrich used this information to send The Sentinels to kidnap the mutants, believing them to the scum of the Earth.

A living example of The X-Men’s worst nightmare, The X-Men attacked The Mutant Control Agency HQ’s in hopes of putting a stop to The Sentinels kidnapping more mutants. They managed to destroy all the files, but their victory came at a great price. Morph was abandoned and Beast was arrested, forced to serve jail time.

The X-Men later defeated The Sentinels and Master Mold with Magneto’s help. They would constantly return to haunt The X-Men. As long as humans and mutants can’t live together in peace, operations like The Sentinels will live on.