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Omega Red

First Appearance: Red Dawn
Voice: Len Doncheff
Originally intended to be a Russian Super Soldier, Omega Red eventually overthrew his masterís orders and decided he should lead the Soviet Union to greatness. Wolverine ďgot luckyĒ and defeated him, stopped him in his tracks.

He was thawed out from his Icy prison by a group of Russian Military Generals, hoping to return the country to itís Soviet Union greatness. He again disobeyed their orders, and starting tearing the country apart.

Realising his home country was in trouble, Colossus turned to The X-Men for help. They managed to defeat with red monster by using Stormís intense cold to freeze him once again.

Russian Scientists, who needed him to defuse a Nuclear Warhead that was too deep underwater for any human to reach, again thawed him out. After betraying them and launching the missiles himself, Beast and Rouge stopped him, and sent him crashing to the depths of the ocean, with no means of escape.