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Real Name: Raven Darkholme
First Appearance: Slave Island
Voice: Randall Carpenter
A shape shifting mutant, Mystique has had many forms throughout her life. She gave birth to Nightcrawler, but after her husband was horrified to find out that she had given birth to a mutant, she placed him in a basket and left him in the river.

She later became the leader of the Brotherhood of mutants, whilst she was working for Apocalypse. Whilst she didnít care about her own biological son, she took great interest in Rogue, her adopted Daughter. She taught Rogue how to use her powers and manipulated her into taking orders, using her as a weapon.

Rogue later left, and Mystique did all in her power to win her back, unsuccessful each time. She constantly reappeared in hopes to win Rogue back, but never succeeded.