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First Appearance: Enter Magneto
Real Name: Eric Magnus Lensherr
Voice: David Hemblam
After a war broke out in his small country, Eric Lensheer lost his family. Hoping to make use of his life, he began working in a hospital, using his mutant powers to aid those injured in the hospital. Whilst there, he worked with Charles Xavier.

After tyrants came and attacked the hospital, Eric and Xavier revealed to each other that they were mutants. Whilst Xavier believed humans and mutants could live together, Eric had seen too much to believe this and believed it was time mutants took their place as rulers. They later fought, with Xavier emerging as the victor, but it came with a price, Xavier was paralysed from the waste down.

Magneto returned to taunt Xavier and his dream again, this time attacking a missile base, hoping to use the weapons as a means to kill humans. Storm, Wolverine and Cyclops foiled his plan, but he again attacked a chemical plant, hoping Xavier himself would face him. After a dramatic confrontation, Xavier defeated Magneto.

Ironically enough, the next time they met, they worked together in order to stop Master Mold from killing Senator Kelly, a man Magneto himself has previously tried to kill.

After being trickled by Morph into meeting each other, they were once again forced to work together, this time without their powers, hoping to survive their time in the Savage Land and make it home. After being kidnapped by Sinister mutates and regaining their mutant abilities, they left again with respect for each other, but neither could commit to each otherís dream.

After realising that his dream for a mutant only race could be realised without the death of all humans, he and a group of Russian scientists built Asteroid M, a haven where mutants could live together in peace away from the hateful humans. Cortez, a mutant who thought the humans should pay for their sins against mutants, killing Magnetoís dreams. After being sent back to Earth, the planetís magnetic filed rejuvenated Magneto, and he returned to Asteroid M to destroy it.

He again came close to realising his dream after mutants turned up by the thousands to help him launch his war against the humans after the feud between humans and mutants reached itís peak. He ignored the chance to declare war and instead, after pleading from Jean, Cyclops and Wolverine came to a critically ill Xavierís rescue.