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The Juggernaut

Real Name: Cain Marko
First Appearance: The Unstoppable Juggernaut
Voice: Rick Bennett
Cain Marko is the half brother of Charles Xavier. Cain has always held a strong hatred for Charles ever since Cainís Father sent him away to boarding school due to his teasing of young Xavier. After releasing that Charles was a mutant, he continued to tease and torment him.

After finding the sacred gem of Citerak, he gained the powers of invulnerability and super strength and used these new powers to try and kill Xavier. When he realised that Xavier wasnít at the Mansion, he destroyed and started committing robberies in order to draw The X-Menís attention.

With a little help from Colossus, The X-Men mind wiped Juggernaut, leaving him with no memory of what he had done.

After the physic suggestion eventually wore off, he began working with Black Tom and helped Eric The Red kidnapped Lilandra. After getting thrown hundreds of miles into the ocean, he returned to New York and again set his sites on his younger stepbrother. He was stopped by another man stealing his Juggernaut powers, which left Marko critically ill. After The X-Men managed to return his powers to him, he left, choosing not to fight them, a sign of gratitude.