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Trask and Gyrich

First Appearance: Night Of The Sentinels, Part One
Gyrich was the man originally in charge of the Mutant Registration program, hoping to capture and eliminate all mutants. To do this he hired Trask, who developed and created The Sentinels. After The President heard about their operation, she demanded they cease production. They moved overseas and created Master Mold, a gigantic Sentinel that created ‘normal’ sized Sentinels by the thousands.

After Master Mold deemed that humans and mutants are one and the same, he ordered his Sentinels to kidnap Senator Kelly, and replace his brain with a computer. Gyrich was confronted by The X-Men, who learned of Master Mold’s plans and infiltrated his base, eliminating all The Sentinels.

Fearing for their lives, Trask and Gyrich went into hiding in the jungle before they captured and brought to Master Mold. After Morph defeated what was left of Master Mold, Trask was never seen again. Gyrich however, continued his anti mutant protests and publicly revealed Charles Xavier as a mutant, and attack him, leaving him in a critically ill condition.