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The Friends Of Humanity

First Appearance: Til Death Do Us Part, Part One
The Friends of Humanity is a mutant-hating group created by Graydon Creed. After attacking those who befriended mutants and constantly holding anti-mutant protests, Creed went one step further into eliminating mutants. He kidnapped Carly, a blind patient of Beast who took a romantic interest in Dr. McCoy.

After Beast invaded their headquarters, Wolverine revealed Creed’s startling secret to his fellow members, his Father was a mutant, known as Sabertooth.

After being fully cleared of any mental illnesses from his psychiatrist, he returned to the Friends Of Humanity. It there he learned another shocking secret, Sabertooth wasn’t the only mutant in his family tree. He learned his Mother was a mutant, as were her other children, including Nightcrawler and Rogue her adopted daughter.

He set up a trap, holding to eliminate them all at once. After he was defeated the FOH repaid him by giving him a first class trip home, to his dear old dad Sabertooth.