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First Appearance: The Pheonix Saga, Part Two
The ruler of the Sh’iar Empire, D’Ken roamed the Cosmos searching for The Em Cron Crystal, believing its power would make him a God. His sister came to Charles Xavier hoping that he and his X-Men could help. After Phoenix, the guardian of the Crystal consumed Jean Grey, The X-Men constantly battled the Sh’iar hoping to keep him away from the Crystal.

After space pirate Corsair stole the crystal, he offered it to D’Ken for a price. He kidnapped Cyclops and told him to kill D’Ken with a shot from his optic visor at the time of the trade. Unfortunately, D’Ken saw through his plan and had a shape shifter take his place and he gained the Crystals powers.

After causing mass scale panic on Earth, he was stopped by The Pheonix, who contained him in his own universe.