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Lady Deathstrike

Real Name: Yuriko
First Appearance: Out Of The Past, Part One
Voice: Tasha Simms
A former lover of Wolverine who felt he abandoned her, creating a strong resentment towards Logan. After she learned that he had apparently killed her Father, she underwent her own adamantium operation and gave herself razor sharp, adamantium fingernails.

Returning to New York, she attacked the Morlocks and used them to lure Wolverine to the tunnels, hoping to exact her revenge. After a battle ensued, she learned that there was mysterious alien ship that she believed could grant her great power.

After opening the ship, she unleashed a monster that feed on humans. After she herself was consumed by the creature, and Wolverine saved her eventually.

She thanked Wolverine for saving her, but told him that their feud was not over and she would return.