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First Appearance: Sanctuary, Part One
Loyal servant to Magneto, Cortez was among those who Magneto saved from Genosha when he announced that they were invited to live with him on Asteroid M.

After recharging Magneto several times, Cortez became angry that Magneto would not use Asteroid Mís misses to kill the humans on Earth. After again using his power to turn Magnetoís own molecules against him, he sent him crashing back to Earth and proclaimed that The X-Men had killed him. After capturing Gambit, he proclaimed himself the new ruler of Asteroid M. He was later found out and Asteroid M was blown up.

He was saved by Apocalypse, who used him as a disciple. When the time came, Cortez tried to kidnap Jubilee and use her as the host for Apocalypse. Unfortunately for him he failed, and Apocalypse instead used Cortez as his host, effectively killing him.