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Professor Xavier

Real Name: Charles Xavier
First Appearance: Cold Comfort
Voice: Cedric Smith
Charles Xavier dreamed of a world where humans and mutants could co-exist in peace. After losing the use of his legs battling former colleague Magneto, he began creating a mutant peace keeping force, known as The X-Men.

Whilst Xavier strongly believed that humans and mutants could live together, there were a growing number of both humans and mutants who disagreed with him. Among then was Eric Magnus Lencherr. They worked together in a hospital, helping to cure victims of a brutal war. Xavier and Lensherr eventually turned against each other, and Lensheer, now known as Magneto crippled Xavier, confiding him to a wheel chair.

He opened a school for gifted youngsters, and took in mutants in order to train them how to use their powers for the benefit of mankind, and to help him fight for mutant rights, and to use their gifts to stop the likes of Magneto enslaving humanity.