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The Starjammers

First Appearance: The Phoenix Saga, Part Two
Christopher Summers life changed forever when his plane crashed. He and his wife strapped their eldest son, Scott into a parachute, and tied his little brother Alex to him, and pushed them out to their safety. Whilst Scott and Alex fell to their safety, Summers and his wife were teleported to a Shíiar cruiser by DíKen.

After DíKen killed Summers wife in front of him, the Starjammers, a group of space pirates, rescued Chris. He took a new name, Corsair, and became their leader, with avenging his wife on the top of his ďto doĒ list.

After learning of DíKenís intentions to steal the Em Cron Crystal, a device which would give him infinite power, Corsair resorted to whatever tactics necessary to keep the crystal away from him, including kidnapping Cyclops and asking him to kill DíKen with one almighty shot from his optic visor.

When his plan was foiled, Corsair watched in horror as DíKen gained the crystals power until he was defeated by The Phoenix. The X-Men didnít hear from him again until he needed their help from