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First Appearance: Night Of The Sentinels, Part One
Voice: Lenore Zann
A Southern gal cursed with the inability to touch anyone around her for their own safety. Rogue first learned of her powers when her boyfriend Cody first kissed her, and she absorbed his life force, placing him in a coma. Shunned by her Father, she ran away, and was “adopted” by Mystique, who hoped to use her as a weapon. She helped Mystique commit various crimes, but went too far after he permanently absorbed Ms. Marvel’s powers after holding onto her for too long. Again running away, she was found by Professor Xavier, who offered her a place in The X-Men. Rogue hated her powers, and when she learned of an operation that would completely remove them, she travelled to Muir Island to learn more. After a run in with Pyro and Avalanche, she realised that she should use her powers as a means to help people. She harboured feelings for Gambit, but knew that a relationship with him would only end in tears because of her powers.