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Real Name: Kurt Wagner
First Appearance: Nightcrawler
Voice: Janusz Bukowski
A German monk with blue skin, elf ears, a tail and the ability to teleport, Kurt Wagner, unlike most mutants, was born with his abilities. After a family of travelling acrobats found him in a basket in a lake, they raised him and he became apart of their circus as the Incredible Nightcrawler!

The X-Men first met Nightcrawler when they heard of a demon terrorizing a local town. They travelled to the town to investigate and after a skiing accident, are rescued by a group of monks are taken to their Church to recuperate.

Nightcrawler tried to get Wolverine to look towards God to help him cope with his anger at the world.

He later returned, to ask Wolverine for help. He received a mysterious letter from a woman claiming to be his birth mother, and was told to come alone, or she would be killed.

After arriving with The X-Men, he learned that Graydon Creed had kidnapped his mother, Mystique and was using her to lure him there so he could kill both of them. After a dramatic confrontation with his brother, he approached his mother and asks that she tell him the truth about his past.