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First Appearance: Night Of The Sentinels, Part One
Voice: Ron Rubin
A mutant with the ability to morph into other people, Morph was the groups Jokester until The X-Men attacked The Mutant Registration Centre and was left for dead after one of the hulking robots shot him.

Mr. Sinister found him, barely alive and nursed him back to health, whilst developing Morph’s dark side, the part of him that hated The X-Men for abandoning him. He placed a chip in Morph’s brain that allowed him to control the evil within.

The X-Men long believed him dead, until he arrived at The Mansion, hoping to divide The X-Men as revenge for leaving him to die. After helping Sinister kidnap Scott and Jean, he realised what a horrible mistake he’d made, saved them from Sinister’s experiments and fled, unable to control his dark side.

Sinister again manipulated Morph, and used him to kidnap Jean Grey. When he and Morph returned to The Savage Land, Morph became too strong for Sinister to control and he assisted The X-Men in defeating him.

Professor Xavier removed the chip from Morph’s brain, and sent Morph to recover over at Muir Island, hoping that his rehabilitation would allow him to return to The X-Men once again.

Believing that he had completed his rehabilitation, Moira McTaggert allowed Morph to fly home, but as soon as he returned, he realised he wasn’t ready as he froze when The Sentinels attacked and kidnapped Xavier. He later flew to their lair and saved Xavier and his team mates, before leaving for Muir Island for more treatment.