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Jean Grey

First Appearance: Night Of The Sentinels, Part One
Voice: Catherine Disher
A mutant with telepathic and telekinetic abilities, Jean Grey was one of Xavierís first students, and she keenly took a liking to Cyclops. The two began dating, much to the chagrin of Wolverine, who also harboured feelings for Jean.

When she and Scott tried to get married, their marriage was declared void after Morph posed as the minister. On their honeymoon, The Nasty Boys kidnapped them before The X-Men came to rescue them.

A short time later, Xavier told the X-Men to infiltrate a government operation and get aboard a space shuttle heading for space. When the shuttle was damaged and needed to be guided back to Earth, Jean sacrificed herself. Whilst coming back into orbit, a strange entity known as The Phoenix entered her body, and guided her home safely.

Weakened, Jean was taken to hospital to recuperate whilst her body adapted to these strange new powers. When she realised that the Em cron crystal was in danger of being taken by DíKen, she teleported to Muir Island to stop Eric The Red from kidnapping Lilandra. After beating the crap out of Gladiator, Jean was again too weak to help stop DíKen.

When her strength finally returned, she teleported everyone into space but again failed to stop DíKen, and he gained the crystalís power. After trapping him in his own prison, Phoenix flew herself and the crystal, appearing to sacrifice herself in order to stop anyone else from gaining the crystalís powers.

Cerebro later discovered that she was still alive, and The X-Men took her to Muir Island and attempted to force the Phoenix out of her. After realising there wasnít much more they could do for her, they let her return to the institute. Unfortunately, she was placed under Mastermindís hypnotic spell, and she briefly joined The Inner Circle. After breaking his hold on her, she became The Dark Phoenix.

After the X-Men bravely stopped her, The Shíiar demanded they hand her over, for crimes against other worlds. Feeling that The Phoenix was now gone, The X-Men refused and demanded a battle to decide Jeanís fate.

After Phoenix emerged once again in the battle, Cyclops crushed her under a pile of rubble. The Phoenix appeared from outside Jeanís body, and told the X-Men could be revived by each of their flame. They accepted, and Phoenix finally left her body, leaving Jean whole again.