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Real Name: Scott Summers
First Appearance: Night Of The Sentinels, Part One
Voice: Norm Spencer
Orphaned after his parents were killed in a plane crash, Scott was sent from foster home to foster home, suffering from mutant powers he couldn’t hope to control. Professor Charles Xavier, a fellow mutant, eventually took him in taught him how to control his optic blasts. Summers’ was Xavier’s first student and eventually went on to become the leader of a group of mutant peacekeepers known as The X-Men.

Cyclops was in charge of one of the X-Men’s most important missions, to destroy all records from The Mutant Control Agency, a corporation set up kidnap and interrogate mutants. When The Sentinels became too much for the team to handle, Cyclops ordered them to retreat, allowing them to arrest Beast and leave Morph for dead. This caused resentment from Wolverine, who demanded they go back for their fallen teammates. Between this and his feelings for Scott’s girlfriend, Jean Grey, Wolverine felt a strong resentment for the team leader, even after they defeated The Sentinels. After facing off the likes of Magneto, Apocalypse and Master Mold, Scott proposed to Jean, who accepted. They soon married, but their Wedding wasn’t legally performed, as the Minister was actually Morph in disguise, who now hated his former leader due to being placed under Mr. Sinister’s control.

Cyclops and Jean were later kidnapped by Sinister on their Honeymoon and he explained that he had been watching them their whole lives, hoping to use their mutant genes to create a new species. Fortunately, The X-Men arrived and saved them. They wouldn’t meet Sinister again until Professor Xavier was hypnotised and Sinister ordered him to summon The X-Men to The Savage Land, where their powers were rendered useless and they were kidnapped once again, until Morph fought and won over Sinister’s mind control and he and Cyclops defeated Mr. Sinister.

Scott and Jean’s relationship then hit hard times, after Jean sacrificed herself to save a space station crew and was taken over by an alien entity known as The Phoenix. Phoenix again sacrificed herself in order to stop anyone using the Emcron crystal’s powers for evil. It was learned that she didn’t die, and Phoenix later returned to Earth and became “The Dark Phoenix”, After The X-Men defeated her, Xavier tried to wipe Phoenix from Jean’s mind. They didn’t have time to test if it worked or not, as the Sh’iar transported to Earth and demanded they hand Phoenix over.

After Xavier invoked a sacred Sh’iar challenge, The X-Men fought against the Imperial Guard for Jean’s future. Jean became Phoenix and anhiliated the Imperial Guard, and Cyclops was forced to stop Jean at any cost. After crushing her underneath boulders, The Phoenix emerged from Jean’s body, and took a small of amount of life essence from each of The X-Men, and they all returned home.

Scott and Jean legally married later, only for Jean to again be abducted by Mr. Sinister. After The X-Men defeated Apocalypse, the two reunited, and continued to fight mutant hate crimes.

When Professor Xavier was critically ill and needed to be transported to the Sh’iar in order to survive, Scott became the full leader of The X-Men, and continued on Xavier’s work.