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First Appearance: Days Of Future Past, Part One
Voice: Philip Akin
Bishop is a time traveller from the future, originally travelling back to The X-Men’s time to stop one of their members from assassinating Senator Kelly. Failing to remember just who the assassin was, he travelled to the mansion and told The X-Men of his mission before declaring that Gambit was the killer.

The X-Men travelled to Washington to prevent the killing, with Wolverine opting to stay behind with both Bishop and Gambit to prevent either one of them getting near Kelly.

After Gambit escaped, Bishop and Wolverine travelled to Washington hoping to stop Gambit. When Cyclops and Wolverine discovered it was Mystique disguised as Gambit, Rouge sent Bishop back to the future.

He later returned to the past, hoping to stop an outbreak of the plague which killed thousands. He saw resistance in Cable, another time traveller, who came to the past to make sure the plague wasn’t stopped so thathis future could live. They managed to find a compromise after Wolverine’s healing factor created the mutant anti-bodies necessary to stop the virus.

Bishop then continued to travel to whatever time necessary, hoping to prevent the Sentinel ruled future in which he lived.

Bishop was later aided in his efforts by his sister Shard, who helped rescue him when he became stuck on the Axis Of Time.