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Real Name: Hank McCoy
First Appearance: Night Of The Sentinels, Part One
Voice: George Buza
Born with gargantuan hands and feet, Hank McCoy is considered to be one of the smartest mutants alive. Initially repelling his mutant powers, increased senses, strength, agility and speed, McCoy concocted a serum that he hoped would repel his powers, leaving him human. The serum wasn’t successful, instead turning his skin into blue fur.

He became one of Xavier’s original X-Men and helped them make the world safer for humans, acting as their Doctor and using his genius to create The Danger Room, The X-Men’s training room. He was also the only X-Men to continue to work outside the school, as a medical researcher in a New York hospital. It was there he fell in love with one of his patients, Carly. Carly’s Father hated the idea of a mutant treating her and demanded that he cease seeing her when she became ready for the surgery.

When The Friends Of Humanity kidnapped Carly after her operation, Wolverine infiltrated their ranks and Beast started a mad rampage, determined to save his love no matter the cost. After The X-Men rescued her, Beast told her that he couldn’t see her any longer, as she was in constant danger when around him. He told her he hoped he would be able to return to her when mutants and humans could live in peace together.