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First Appearance: The Cure
Real Name: Warren Worthington III
Voice: Stephen Ouimette
Warren Worthington hated being a mutant, so much so that he funded the research of a scientist who claimed he could ‘cure’ mutants. After the treatment was ready, Warren underwent the surgery. Unfortunately for him, Dr. Adler was Mystique in disguise, which was working for Apocalypse. The operation didn’t cure Worthington, instead turning his soft feather wings into cold, hard steel, turning him into Death, one of his Horsemen.

The X-Men defeated The Horsemen, and Rouge absorbed the evil from Archangel. Feeling nothing but hatred for what Apocalypse had turned him into, Angel became obsessed with ridding the world of his former master and spent his millions hoping to learn the secret of how to defeat him.

Apocalypse tricked Angel into believing that piercing a certain spot on the back of his neck could defeat him, hoping to finally rid himself of his former Horseman. The X-Men intervened in the battle, and almost defeated Apocalypse, but Angel vowed he would not rest until he the day he kills the man who took away his feathered wings.