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X-MEN -- "The Phalanx Covenant - Part One"
Script dated 5/25/95

Pages 1-3: As noted at outline stage, a fight will not be acceptable in the teaser. Sabretooth may not slam into Wolverine, who may not be hurled into a brick wall and knocked unconscious, Rogue may not be "smashed," Beast may not slam into Sabretooth, and so on. Find a way to show Sabretooth's capture without depicting violence -- no blows that connect, no injuries.

Page 7: Please delete or substitute for the underlined in Sabretooth's "look who finally got up off his butt."

Page 8: While "Sabretooth" may morph into Jean, she should be in standard costume, not a bath robe, and please delete or substitute for the line "is this how you want me?"

Page 30: Please do not have the townspeople "splatter" when Sinister blasts them. They may melt, or some such.

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