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X-MEN -- "Longshot"
Outline dated 11/1/93

Page 4: It will not be acceptable for Mojo to call anyone "numb nuts." Also, he should not pick Spiral up by the head.

Page 10: Either show that the hunters Rogue buries are robots, or do not bury them past their necks.

Page 11: Please substitute for Longshot's two uses of the word "killed." Something like "destroyed" or "take their lives" would be acceptable.

X-MEN -- "Longshot"
Script dated 11/18/93

Page 3: Please delete or substitute for Spiral calling Longshot "Lover," since we would not want to give their encounter sexual overtones.

Page 5: Caution on the appearance of the Warwolves after they hit the truck. They may flatten in a "cartoony" way, but should not look "mangled" or bloody.

Page 6: Longshot should not appear "wounded" or bloodied. Also, what does "you sure you got guy" mean? It will not be acceptable for a wolf to "slash" Wolverine in the back, nor for Wolverine's claws to connect with any of the wolves.

Page 8: Please show Spiral transporting all of her "comrades," including the wolves, who should appear to be alive.

Page 12: Please delete or substitute for Wolverine's "we saved his butt from some of Mojo's goons."

Page 22: Please delete or substitute for Mojo calling Longshot a "fallen Messiah."

Page 23: It will not be acceptable for Jubilee to blast Jan in the face. Please revise.

Page 24: Please either show a very tough creature going a very short distance and landing safely, or use a coin for the toss.

Page 25: Please substitute for the boulder Rogue hurls at the two hunters, since this would injure them severely. Please incapacitate them with something less harmful.

Page 27: Please delete or substitute for Rogue's use of the term "scale butt." something like "scale face" would be acceptable.

Page 29: Caution that Slagg not backhand Wolverine in the face.

Pages 31 and 35: Caution that no one is hurt by the raptors.

Page 32: Please show that the bounty hunters are alive after the facade falls on them.

Page 36: Please keep the kiss between Longshot and Jubilee brief.

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