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X-MEN -- "Hidden Agendas" (Formerly "Cannonball") (#3OO-74)
Script First Draft, dated 3/18/96

Page 2: Please keep the flames well away from Sam and Pa.

Page 13 and throughout: Please check with your Legal regarding the many references to a "mutant Peace Corps."

Page 14: Please have Gambit use his powers (not tools) to short the sensor and open the hatch lock, or keep all of his actions off camera so they are not instructive.

Page 17: Please do not have the Captive Mutant cry out. Also on this page, do not have the truck come close to hitting Paige and Sam.

Page 19: Please delete or substitute for Kenny's "dang mutie."

Page 20: Please delete or substitute for Gambit's "...tell you where you can put dat."

Page 25: Please do not show a cigarette butt igniting the gasoline.

Page 27: Please do not show anyone in the mob carrying a gun.

Page 29: Please do not show glass breaking after the sonic boom.

Page 30: The "Shock Troopers" should clearly be robots, not people in flying armor.

Page 31: Do not have Beast shocked by the Trooper.

Pages 32-33: Please have Unit One just freeze in place, or some such, not fall to the ground and grab his head, as if he is in pain. Also, please eliminate Sam blasting another Trooper and Rogue hurling a Trooper toward Gambit, and delete the action of Sam blowing up the train, which plays as excess for BS&P.

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