Episode #10: Greetings from Genosha
Original Airdate - May 29th, 2009

Nightcrawler arrives on Genosha’s shores with his fellow mutants after a long journey at sea. Magneto welcomes them to his island. Wanda, the Scarlet Witch and daughter to Magneto shows Nightcrawler around the seemingly perfect island. He is amazed at how mutants are out in public using their powers unbothered and is quite enjoying his time with Wanda. But despite the perfection he sees, he feels that there is something just not right. Dust, a young mutant tips him off and Nightcrawler finds and underground prison with hundreds of occupied cells. Magneto is sorely disappointed in Nightcrawler’s snooping and is determined not to let him contact the X-Men. But Nightcrawler is tenacious and manages to teleport himself across the sea in two mile increments ending up at the X-Mansion shores. Exhausted, he warns Logan of the Genosha prisons and that they must stop Magneto. Sadly it’s the shape-shifting Mystique he informs and in her Logan disguise she knocks Nightcrawler out and contacts her boss, Magneto who is preparing a special cell just for him.

Story By Greg Johnson and Craig Kyle
Written by Chris Yost
Directed by Doug Murphy
Music by Dean Grinsfelder
Animation By Noxxon Entertainment

Steve Blum as Wolverine
Fred Tacasciore as Beast
Nolan North as Cyclops
Danielle Judovits as Shadowcat
Tom Kane as Magneto
Yuri Lowenthal as Iceman
Kari Wahlgren as Emma Frost
Liam O'Brien as Nightcrawler, Angel
Tamara Bernier as Mystique
Kate Higgins as Scarlet Witch

Review: Stu - Welcome to Genosha finally sees the return of Magneto as they story takes us back to the Mutant only island that Magneto governs for reasons other than Wolverine to kick some ass.

I’ve been especially impressed with the use of the cast here – as any Ultimate X-Men fan will tell you, having the roster itself become too large only hinders the story but I’m liking how they’re using X-Men without actually having them be in the X-Men. Nightcrawler is the best use of this so far – they’ve got a really good handle on his character here, using him as the scout for Genosha is a rather brilliant idea as his appearance makes him more likely to be persecuted than anyone else. He also has an air of naivety throughout his appearances in this show that have worked to his favour. There’s no sign of a stupid fuzzyman here folks!

Speaking of Kurt’s tour, one can’t help but be impressed with the visual display of the country. It looks to be entirely constructed using mutants powers rather than the usual bricks and such we pitiful humans use. Magneto’s Citadel is still as awesome as it was in Hindsight, Part 3. I’m really digging a lot of the designs used here too – it’s refreshing to see something that isn’t anime inspired. The fight scenes could use some oomph to them – there not bad per se, but a lot of them could do to be slightly better paced – the fight between Nightcrawler and the flaming skeleton guy was decent but it would’ve worked better had it been that shade faster. It’s probably worth mentioning that Kurt has the best-staged fights out of anyone else on the show so far – the throwdowns on X-Calibre were a notch above the ones found here but this is defiantly the coolest visual representation of Kurt I’ve seen so far. It even outdoes the mesmerising 3D scenes from Marvel: Ultimate Alliance video game.

As for the subplot at the Mansion, I guessed instantly that Angel wasn’t Angel as soon as he arrived. It was cool to see ninja Mystique outsmart each and everyone of the X-Men (including taking out Emma so she couldn’t read her mind, clever!). I especially liked the small little scene between Bobby and Kitty and how he immediately shoved her away as soon as Angel showed up. It’d be nice to see these two get a little more development. I did love Bobby’s display of pride as he foolishly cold clocked Forge too.

I really like seeing the X-Men’s adjustments to life without Xavier, especially Cyclops. Those not so sly digs he keeps having at Wolverine must be leading somewhere – I hope this does get explored and Cyclops isn’t completely shafted like in the movies. I wasn’t initially sure about Nolan North voicing Cyclops but he’s brought a nice bitterness to the role. He’s even given Scott some funny lines… that’s not happened in a while has it?

As with most Wolverine and The X-Men episodes, it ends with an air of intrigue about it. It’s clear this that show is going to be remembered as a serial rather than an episodic show – I imagine this will make a hell of an entertaining DVD box set one day.


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