Episode #9: Future X
Original Airdate - May 22nd, 2009

Wolverine contacts future Xavier to ask if he knows anything about “Master Mold”, something he’d seen at the Trask Lab. Xavier doesn’t even start his investigation when the giant Sentinels find his hiding place in the ruble of the old X-Mansion. They take him and the entire Cerebro Chamber to their facility. In the prisonner’s yard there are many other mutants are being held powerless by Inhibitor Collars. Xavier uses his mind control powers to keep the cybernetic Colonel moss from activating his collar. The other mutants are impressed and have heard about him from Wolverine who trained them as his X-Men. Xavier asks for their help to get back the Cerebro, explaining its power to locate and track mutants all over the world. Without it he cannot communicate with Wolverine in the past who is their only hope at stopping this war before it starts. They sneak into the facility and find that the Sentinels are using the captive mutants to mechanically reproduce their powers under the direction of Master Mold. They are evolving! A major battle ensues between the future X-Men and Sentinels. The mutants work together to escape with Xavier and part of the Cerebro. From a safe place Xavier manages to power-up the Cerebro enough to contact Wolverine and warn him that he must stop the construction of Master Mold before it starts.

Story By Greg Johnson and Craig Kyle
Written by Chris Yost
Directed by Nick Filippi
Music by Dean Grinsfelder
Animation By Noxxon Entertainment

Steve Blum as Wolverine
Fred Tacasciore as Beast
Nolan North as Cyclops
Danielle Judovits as Shadowcat
Jim Ward as Professor X
Yuri Lowenthal as Iceman
Kevin Michael Richardson as Bishop
Michael Ironside as Colonel Wraith
Kari Wahlgren as Emma Frost
Gwendoline Yeo as Domino

Review: Stu - Future X takes us back to the future as we see what Professor Xavier is up to, and see what his grand plans for the future are being that his dream has essentially died a death while he’s been catching up on his sleep for the past 20 years. I’ve never really been taking with a lot of the future stuff from the previous X-Men cartoons; I always preferred them to be more grounded (which X-Men: Evolution did a great job with) and a lot of the characters from the future, Cable, Bishop and the rest have never much appealed to be. It’s the same with Phoenix – I like my mutants fighting in a world that hates and fears them – I generally don’t really care about space pirates and immortal beings and such.

I’m now going to contradict the above and announce I really enjoyed the episode. It was nice to see more of this bleak future Wolverine has been fighting so hard to avoid – interesting to note that he is announced as captured, whereas it’s hinted at that the rest of The X-Men are dead, presumably killed by The Sentinels. It was an interesting look at the future and it was actually kind of cool to see Bishop, a character who I’ve usually considered pretty lame. I think the show has handled the subject of time travel well – again, I like that the story is building. At time of writing, Xavier won’t be able to contact Wolverine and Logan is still struggling with leadership in the present – the potential for this show is still great, 10 episodes in. We’ve yet to really see Magneto and what his role in the series will play and the only real Sentinels we’ve seen in the present are the ones that look like they were designed by Alistair Smythe, not the 10 foot tall tin cans we all know and love.

As said above, I think this Bishop is as cool as we’ve ever seen him. Kevin Michael Richardson is well cast as the future X-Man and his design is a lot better than the 80’s reject we’ve seen in previous incarnations. I especially liked the visual behind his power absorbing – the entire show has done a great job of displaying each of the mutant’s powers, everything from Cyclops’ lasers to Nightcrawler’s bamf and Emma psychic blasts – visually, the show is the strongest we’ve ever seen The X-Men, no small feat considering how good X-Men: Evolution was.

The ending was one of the coolest the show’s had as we finally get a first glimpse of Mastermold, who appears to be the big villain of the show. I’ve greatly looking forward to seeing it (her?) appear again. Future X is simply another good episode of Wolverine And The X-Men that again only makes me more curious to see the next one. Keep ‘em coming!


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