Episode #26: Foresight, Part Three
Original Airdate - November 29th, 2009

Magneto arrives with his Sentinels and begins his attack on the city. The X-Men try to control the Sentinels except for Wolverine who has followed Emma and Scott. In the future, Wolverine, Xavier and the rest of the future X-Men have found Master Mold and are fighting their way through the Sentinels to reach it. Marrow searches the Badlands for Polaris, seeking her help. The Sentinels are taking a hard hit on the team and it’s looking grim until Marrow and Polaris show up. But soon even their efforts aren’t helping. Back in the present the Cuckoos trick Jean into opening the last barrier to the Phoenix force in her mind as a powerless Emma and Scott look on. Emma pleads with her former teammates of the Inner Circle to release the Phoenix from the Cuckoos before it’s too late. The Circle reveals their grand plan to Scott who is stunned with disbelief when he hears that they had been hunting Jean even before the blast at the X-Mansion and that Emma has been working for them the whole time. Scott is devastated. The Cuckoos take off into the city to go after the Sentinels first and then the X-Men with the Inner Circle not far behind. Scott is enraged and cages Emma before he and Jean take off behind them to try and stop the Phoenix. Soon after they leave Wolverine arrives and releases Emma on her promise to stop the Phoenix. Wanda has followed her father to the mainland and finds Mystique at the Sentinel launch site. She tells her Magneto’s plan of war and they decide to fight alongside the X-Men to try and stop him. They join the battle against Magneto’s Sentinels when the Cuckoos arrive and easily take out the giant robots with their Phoenix force. They are about to devour the X-Men when Jean arrives to stop them, until Emma appears abruptly and intercepts the Cuckoos from colliding with Jean, and ensnaring the Phoenix. But she doesn’t have time to release the Phoenix force and it consumes her. With a brilliant explosion Emma is gone and worldwide devastation has been averted because of her sacrifice. Magneto returns to Genosha where Wanda turns around and banishes him. The X-Men return to the X-Mansion anxious to speak to Xavier in the future. He congratulates their heroic efforts and confirms that indeed the future is a different place. He then describes a new a demonic future where mutants roam the skies not Sentinels. An Age reigned by Apocalypse with help of Mister Sinister and Cyclops…

Written by Greg Johnson
Directed by Boyd Kirkland
Music by Dean Grinsfelder
Animation By Noxxon Entertainment

Steve Blum as Wolverine
Richard Doyle as Senator Robert Kelly
Jennifer Hale as Jean Grey
Kate Higgins asScarlet Witch
Mark Hildreth as Quicksilver
Tom Kane as Magneto
Phil LaMarr as Bolivar Trask
Nolan North as Cyclops
Liam O'Brien as Nightcrawler
Tara Strong as Marrow
Fred Tatasciore as Beast
Kari Wahlgren as Emma Frost
Jim Ward as Professor X
Gwendoline Yeo as Domino
Liza Del Mundo as Polaris
Kate Higgins as Scarlet Witch
Kevin Michael Richardson as Bishop

Review: Arsenal - Before I can pay this episode the compliments it deserves, I have one nit to pick.

There is a moment when an entrapped Emma begs for Wolverine to free her. “You have to trust me,” she insists.

This is an important moment. All season Wolverine has struggled with trusting his teammates. He abandoned them so often that Rogue left the team.

Emma has betrayed the team. He berated Scott for trusting her. However, the audience knows that trusting Emma is key to the team’s success.

So we wait with baited breath as Wolverine demonstrates to us how he has grown as a character. He gives us the simplest explanation of why he trusts Emma, why he trusts any of his teammate… but, no.

We don’t get our moment. We don’t get to see the growth. Wolverine growls and we cut away to a different scene.

The next time we see Emma and Wolverine, they are saving the world. Logan obviously freed her, but no satisfactory explanation is provided.

We are cheated of an important glimpse into Logan’s psyche. Without that explanation, his actions seem arbitrary or dictated by plot demands.

The difference between a good and a great cartoon? A great cartoon would have given us the moment for which we waited 26 episodes.

Wolverine and the X-Men is a good show and this is a satisfying season finale. It wraps up most of the ambitious plotlines from this season, while hinting at the next.

Emma proves she, and not Wolverine, is the most dynamic character of the show. Jean seems to replace her at the end of this episode, and I’m not sure that Wolverine benefits from losing her.

Both climactic conflicts between Magneto and the X-Men and Mastermold and the FX-Men are shifted by two ludicrously powerful mutants—Jean and Lorna, respectively. Unfortunately, this leaves a lot of rank-and-file mutants with nothing to do in this episode.

Wolverine and the X-Men is an ambitious show with a cast approaching triple digits. It would be impossible to give everyone their moment. But the big guns—Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean, Xavier and especially Emma—all get their spotlight. (I mean all the big guns, except Storm, naturally.) Rogue gets a nice tagged on epilogue, also.

Like previous episodes, Foresight III has some wonderful nods to the fanboys. A platoon of X-23s show up and Mastermold is patterned after Danger. It’s a nice touch.

Overall, this episode—much like the series—is good but not great. It misses that one moment that truly could make the show transcendent. With that having been said, Wolverine has been improving steadily since its premiere.

This show has managed to distinguish itself from the comics, movies and two previous animated shoes, while still using aspects of all of them. I look forward to the next season.


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