Episode #25: Foresight, Part Two
Original Airdate - November 29th, 2009

Future Xavier is forced by the Sentinels to locate the world’s remaining mutants and once complete Col. Moss turns to kill him when Wolverine shows up to save the day! Flanked by four X-23’s they do major damage and take out the Sentinels before freeing Xavier who is relived to see his old friend. Wolverine proclaims he has found Master Mold’s location. Meanwhile in the present, the crux of events establishing the war is upon the X-Men who lay unconscious at the destroyed Sentinel factory after their attempt to stop the launch. At the Inner Circle mansion Jean is refusing to let Emma get to the Phoenix without talking to the Professor so Emma uses her own powers to overtake Jean’s mind. Inside her head, Emma and the five Cuckoos trick Jean into opening the barriers that are keeping the Phoenix force in. But Jean isn’t cooperating, she knows Scott is in trouble and can’t focus on the barriers. Emma decides to go and find Scott in order to subdue Jean. The Inner Circle questions her loyalty and reveals their new plan to control the Phoenix instead of releasing it. Startled by their hunger for power and change of plan, Emma leaves to find Scott. In her absences the group tries to locate the last of the barriers and capture the Phoenix without her. Emma finds the unconscious X-Men and rushes to Scott waking him up to say she knows where Jean is. Semi-conscious Wolverine sees them race off. But when they arrive back to stop the Inner Circle they are quickly overpowered by the Cuckoos own psychic force. On Genosha, Magneto magnetically overtakes the Sentinels that are destroying the Island. Wanda is stunned when he tells her to prepare for their war as he flies back to the Mainland with his new Sentinels.

Written by Greg Johnson
Directed by Nick Fillipi
Music by Dean Grinsfelder
Animation By Noxxon Entertainment

Steve Blum as Wolverine
Richard Doyle as Senator Robert Kelly
Jennifer Hale as Jean Grey
Kate Higgins asScarlet Witch
Mark Hildreth as Quicksilver
Tom Kane as Magneto
Phil LaMarr as Bolivar Trask
Nolan North as Cyclops
Liam O'Brien as Nightcrawler
Tara Strong as Marrow
Fred Tatasciore as Beast
Kari Wahlgren as Emma Frost
Jim Ward as Professor X
Gwendoline Yeo as Domino
Liza Del Mundo as Polaris
Kate Higgins as Scarlet Witch
Kevin Michael Richardson as Bishop

Review: Arsenal - Wolverine and the X-Men paints beautifully with shades of gray. Scarlet Witch, Mystique, Rogue, both Warren Worthingtons and even Senator Kelly are more complicated than simply “good” or “evil.”

But no character in Wolverine has had more complex loyalties than Emma Frost.

In the comics, Emma began a villain but was slowly rehabilitated as a member of various X-teams. However, she has never been afraid to take a step farther than her comrades.

Wolverine simplifies her complex history but remains true to the spirit of the character. She’s bad, but she does good things. Or she’s good, but she’s done bad things. No one can say for certain.

Emma has had the most important character arc this season. Not Scott. Not Xavier. Not even Wolverine. Logan is not so different than he was at the beginning of the season. He’s still impulsive. He’s not exactly a strategy mastermind, and he’s content to bail on the team to follow a side mission. (In this episode, he abandons them to follow Scott and Emma.)

Emma, however, seems genuinely rehabilitated. Her affection for Scott and the X-Men’s morals changed her.

This episode is still rising action. X-Men vs. Magneto vs. Sentinels. Emma and Scott vs. the Inner Circle. FX-Men v. Mastermold

This is a good episode. It highlights what Wolverine does well—long-term storytelling, balance plotlines and, most of all, explore the nebulous realm between right and wrong.


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