Episode #24: Foresight, Part One
Original Airdate - November 29th, 2009

Situations are starting to intensify both in the future and in the present. Future X has been captured by the Seninels and taken to Master Mold thanks to Marrow’s betrayal. He is shocked to see a re-built and higher-tech Cerebro and he forced to operate the duplicate, locating the last of the world’s remaining mutants. Meanwhile in the present, Wolverine is dealing with the abduction of Jean and the news that Senator Kelly has decided to launch the Sentinels at Genosha. He is certain the Emma is behind Jean’s disappearance but despite her denial he locks her up while he and the rest of the team focuses their efforts on stopping Kelly’s Sentinels from reaching Genosha where Magneto is sure to retaliate. What Wolverine doesn’t know is that it’s not Kelly that is launching the Sentinels, but Mystique using his form. The real Kelly is captured by Quicksilver and taken to Genosha under Magneto’s orders. Scott stays behind and releases Emma hoping she can locate Jean yet again. Once free she takes off without him to the Inner Circle’s mansion. There, in her White Queen form explains to the still amnesic Jean what the Phoenix force within her truly is. She tells her how the Phoenix needs to be released before it matures and is uncontrollable or all of the world will suffer. This has been the Inner Circle’s purpose for centuries, to look for the next telepath with the Phoenix force and set it free. At the Trask factory, the X-Men have arrived too late. The X-Jet goes down in the mass exodus as the Sentinels take off across the ocean to Genosha.

Written by Greg Johnson
Directed by Steve Gordon
Music by Dean Grinsfelder
Animation By Noxxon Entertainment

Steve Blum as Wolverine
Richard Doyle as Senator Robert Kelly
Jennifer Hale as Jean Grey
Kate Higgins asScarlet Witch
Mark Hildreth as Quicksilver
Tom Kane as Magneto
Phil LaMarr asBolivar Trask
Nolan North as Cyclops
Liam O'Brien as Nightcrawler
Tara Strong as Marrow
Fred Tatasciore as Beast
Kari Wahlgren as Emma Frost
Jim Ward as Professor X
Gwendoline Yeo as Domino

Review: Arsenal - It is unfair to judge this episode alone. It is obviously an introduction to the three-part series finale and will benefit when viewed in concert with its other two parts.

This episode puts pieces into play, but honestly is not exciting by itself. Magneto and Pietro maneuver to create a rigged war. Emma brain-jacks Jean. Cyclops and Wolverine have it out. Sentinels are unleashed on Genosha. Xavier and his FX-Men are abducted.

It’s a lot of set off, but no payoff. Granted, that’s the point.

So I’ll leave it suffice to say this: I’m very interested in what happens next.


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