Click on the links below for detailed critiques and media from each episode of Wolverine and The X-Men. Please note that all included media, written reviews and featured content, with the noted exception, are provided by Marvel Animation Age webmaster Stu.

1. Hindsight, Part One
2. Hindsight, Part Two
3. Hindsight, Part Three
4. Overflow
5. Thieves’ Gambit
6. X-Calibre
7. Wolverine Versus The Hulk
8. Time Bomb
9. Future X
10. Greetings from Genosha
11. Past Directions
12. eXcessive Force
13. Battlelines
14. Stolen Lives
15. Hunting Grounds
16. Badlands
17. Code Of Conduct
18. Backlash
19. Guardian Angel
20. Breakdown
21. Rover
22. Aces And Eights
23. Shades Of Grey
24. Foresight, Part One
25. Foresight, Part Two
26. Foresight, Part Three

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