Episode #16: Badlands
Original Airdate - August 14th, 2009

Wolverine is bent on finding out what Master Mold is. He, Shadowcat and Forge sneak into the Trask lab for a little recon. Before Forge can download all the data MRD officers spot them. Wolverine is captured and Forge arrested. It’s up to Shadowcat to rescue them both. She phases her way through the lab and find Wolverine spread out like a specimen with Bolivar Trask running tests on him. Trask marvels at the Wolverine’s metal-covered bones and ability to heal. Luckily Shadowcat phases him away before they can get too much information on his powers. They collect Forge and escape back to the safety of the X-Mansion. Twenty years in the future Professor X and his team are being stalked by eerie Wolverine-like Sentinels with vicious claws who can even repair their own wounds. It’s a frightening sight. The future X-Men and Xavier flee into the Badlands, with the Sentinels in hot pursuit. Professor X becomes magnetically entrapped at his leg braces and is pulled into the middle of the wasteland where he finds Lorna, Magneto’s daughter, now known as Polaris at a sandy dune that was once Genosha. She is ready to slay Xavier on the spot, believing that his rivalry with her father is what caused this war and led to his death. Xavier takes hold of Polaris’ mind and sees the last moments of Magneto’s life and the grounds surrounding Genosha in flames . Lorna stayed hidden in the sublevels at her father’s and arose from the ashes of the battered island to find the sea dried up around her and the Palace in ruins. Her hatred has been brooding for a long time. But under Xavier’s mind control she hears him explain that though he and Magneto were not friends, they were certainly not enemies and he also tells of his plan to stop this terrible future. Polaris lets Xavier and the rest of the mutants go to fight their fight. Back in present day, Future X tells Logan of the eerie Sentinels and he understands the impact of his capture at the Trask Lab and how his actions today will change their future.

Story by Greg Johnson, Craig Kyle, Chris Yost
Written By Kevin Hopps
Directed by Doug Murphy
Music by Dean Grinsfelder
Animation By Noxxon Entertainment

Steve Blum as Wolverine
Danielle Judovits as Shadowcat
Jim Ward as Professor X
Kevin Micheal Richardson as Bishop
Phil Lamarr as Trask
Gwendoline Yeo as Domino

Review: Arsenal - Until now, I was not sold on The Adventures of Professor X in the Future.

I understood its necessity. If Professor X were present (or even, in the present,) he would be leader of the X-Men, and not Wolverine. Consequently, both he and Scott Summers needed to be shunted to the side.

They found a reasonable way to demote Cyclops. Turning him into an unreliable wild card, crazy with grief for Jean, is a brilliant way of keeping Scott true to the character while still removing him from leadership.

Professor X in the future… well, that’s a more contrived solution. It had not worked for me, as I said, until now.

Time travel stories are tricky and illogical by nature, primarily because there is no logic to time travel. But linking Wolverine’s actions with the future is not just clever, but necessary so the future stuff doesn’t feel like an enormous tangent.

I love how this show so easily mixes different ideas from different eras of X-Men. Crazy Polaris-cum-Magneto was one of the few brilliant strokes from Chuck Austen’s maligned X-Men run. The creators of this show use the concept, but still make it original. They even employ an idea from the little-read, critically adored “Sentinel” comic book.

These guys know their stuff, and fanboys (and fangirls) should appreciate that.

As one of three Forge fans, I love what they are doing with the character. Sure, it’s different from the comics, but it fits with the show and is still entertaining.

As a final note, stealth Wolverine, Kitty and Forge costumes—crazy delicious.


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