This team devoted to mutant superiority over normal humans consists of:

Of all the mutant powers a person could get, Toad got his from the bottom of the genetic barrel. His tongue can stretch up to 25 feet and he has the ability to leap great heights and spit a green adhesive substance from his mouth. It's no wonder he envies everyone else's powers with such pathos. But the bottom line is Toad is thrilled to be hanging with the big boys, no matter what they make him do.

Blob firmly believes that just by virtue of being a mutant, he has the right to be treated as a superior. In actuality he's only a part of the dysfunctional Brotherhood because they needed a heavy lifter. He has superhuman strength and durability and his huge body can absorb projectiles from bullets to artillery shells, and is impervious to injury.

As Magneto's son, Pietro has always been desperate to win his father's approval, and is crushed when instead it's given to his sister Wanda (The Scarlet Witch.) As such, he resents her, though she tries to help him improve his relationship with Magneto. Pietro is the de facto leader of the Brotherhood. He possesses the mutant ability to run at superhuman speeds over great distances. With speeds of over 175 mph, he can create a whirlwind by running in a circle; his temper can be as quick as his feet.

Originally from Greece, Avalanche landed on the streets of New York at an early age and has survived for years by aligning himself with other mutant misfits. The vibrations generated from his hands can bring down buildings and cause earthquakes.

Domino possesses a keenly calculative mind. When events are put into motion, she can analyze them and quickly determine the probabilities of the outcome. Poised and self-confident, she is really the brains of this brat pack, as well as a trained fighter who's got more than her share of luck on her side.

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