Ultimate Spider-Man
#75 - Contest of the Champions, Part Three

Original Airdate - October 17th, 2015
For the fourth game, Spider-Man teams up with Iron Spider, Agent Venom and Thor against Terrax, Attuma and Annihilus in a fight within the subway. Then Spider-Man uses Life Model Decoys to distract Grandmaster so he, Iron Spider, and Agent Venom can board Grandmaster's ship to save the hostages.

Ultimate Spider-Man is produced by Marvel Animation and carries a TV-Y7-FV parental guideline.

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By RoyalRubble

Pretty great episode. First off, I'm disappointed they conveniently forgot all about Black Widow winning alongside Spidey the previous round. Or maybe the fight with Absorbing Man really took more out of her than we thought, and she collapsed moments after the last episode ended. Either way, at least a mention of her whereabouts would have been nice. Considering Spidey's stealth mission this time, she could have come in pretty handy.

But other than that, most of the stuff in this episode was good. Thor was a decent guest-star though I feel he could have done more. As for the villains, it was pretty nice seeing more Fantastic Four foes in action again. I also liked how they mixed things up a little and the story didn't play out exactly like the two previous ones. Spidey's plan to use Life Model Decoys so he can save the Grandmaster's hostages was pretty clever.

His team-mates, Agent Venom & Iron Spider - the so called "Ultimate friends" weren't the greatest but they got the job done. Neat surprise that MODOK and the Leader also helped in their own ways. I wasn't really eager to see either of these two villains again but they were used pretty well. It was predictable they would try and double-cross the heroes, though.

But the best part of the episode was the big reveal with Aunt May and Spidey. It kind of came out of nowhere, a little more build up to this event would have been nice - but to be fair, they might explain some more in the next part. Considering how absent Aunt May has been on this show lately it should be a good explanation. I thought the moment was handled pretty well, some decent emotions there and it makes things more interesting. To be honest, I thought Agent Venom & Iron Spider's reactions to learning about Spidey kind of ruined the mood but they were pretty much consistent with how these two characters have been portrayed so far.

Nice cliff-hanger ending, too. Looking forward to the grand finale.

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