Ultimate Spider-Man
#72 - The Revenge of Arnim Zola

Original Airdate - September 26th, 2015
While freeing classmates Spider-Man is captured by Arnim Zola and absorbed into his body. The freed friends must fight Zola to help Spider-Man escape the madman.

Ultimate Spider-Man is produced by Marvel Animation and carries a TV-Y7-FV parental guideline.

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By RoyalRubble

Pretty good episode. Zola was a decent adversary but his habit of returning all the time got annoying pretty fast. I also found annoying the constant bickering between Agent Venom and Rhino. Them arguing didn't really add anything to the episode but I liked how they stopped by the end in order to save Spidey. The new hybrid synthezoids, this time using Spidey's villains as templates were pretty cool. I would have liked to see more of them and less of Zola, actually.

The fight between Spidey and Zola was pretty good. The scene where Zola is trying to take over Spidey's body was handled pretty well. It was a rather chilling scene, with Spidey fading away and Zola wearing the Spidey suit with a Hyrda emblem on his chest. I thought the climax with Spidey taking all of his friends' powers to battle Zola was pretty silly but it did lead to a good fight scene. I appreciate they at least took a new, unique approach to the mind and body switch trope, which has been used already a couple of times on the show.

All things considered, not bad. A decent enough two-part story with a great villain.

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