Ultimate Spider-Man
#68 - Ant-Man

Original Airdate - July 21st, 2015
Spider-Man and Ant-Man must shrink down to miniature size in a special submarine to rid Nick Fury's body of nanobots implanted by Doc Ock.

Ultimate Spider-Man is produced by Marvel Animation and carries a TV-Y7-FV parental guideline.

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By RoyalRubble

Pretty decent episode. The plot wasn't that original (there has been at least one more Fantastic Voyage homage in a Marvel cartoon over the years), but it worked. It was nice seeing Doctor Octopus again, for the few scenes he appeared in. I think I would have preferred if the story focused more on capturing him rather than the curing Nick Fury plot, but it was expected considering the guest-star of the episode. Interesting that Ant-Man's identity was never mentioned and he didn't remove his helmet either at all during the episode - this story was probably made before his Scott Lang identity was revealed over on Avengers Assemble, or it's just another case of inconsistency between the two shows.

The Spider-Bot submarine was pretty nice. Doc Ock's bots were decent but their designs were kind of ridiculous. I did like the giant one they formed towards the end though. Luke Cage/Power Man's new Power Suit looks exactly like his old one, or at least I didn't notice any huge differences. The plot worked for the most part but some of the dialogue could still be better and most of the jokes were pretty lame. Spidey making Nick Fury dance like a fool while trying to alert the others was a little too silly, as was the scene where he made him burp. I admit I liked the "other right eye" gag, and while not a joke I liked the technique Iron Fist used to slow down Fury's heartbeat. Wish that was explained better.

All in all, not bad. It was inevitable Ant-Man would guest-star here as well, in addition to becoming a new member of the Avengers. I just wish they could have come up with a better story for him.

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