Ultimate Spider-Man
#62 - The Spider-Verse, Part Two

Original Airdate - March 12th, 2015
Spider-Man continues to pursue Goblin on a chase through parallel dimensions. First, he teams up with a Spider-Man from a noir world (guest voice Milo Ventimiglia), and then he has a zany adventure with Spider-Ham (guest voice Benjamin Diskin).

Ultimate Spider-Man is produced by Marvel Animation and carries a TV-Y7-FV parental guideline.



Review by Gervaise B-A:

Continuing the road to new universes, Spider-Man finds himself in the Noir universe. Interestingly, Spider-Man Noir is voiced by Wolverine Animeís Milo Ventimiglia, who does a pretty good job in my opinion. While I did kind of miss Christopher Daniel Barnes in the role from Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (Chrisí character Electro is absent here), Milo was a relatively good choice, and a second try at a Marvel hero. Plus, he wore his fedora hat and trenchcoat, which is awesome. Spider-Man and the Goblin had lighter versions of their own color schemes, to match the black and white version of Noir. Spider-Man Noirís mystic spider origins are even referenced.

Each Spider character has had problems and Noir is no different. This Spider needed to reconnect with loved ones. Mary Jane appears here to good use (since following season one, mainstream MJ has meant practically nothing). The blimps return from Shattered Dimensions as well (where inspiration for the Spider-Verse comics started off). The Goblin facing Spider-Man Noir reminded me so much of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (Man, I have to play that again). The episode even includes a welcome reference to Iron Man 3. Sadly Felicia Hardy isnít mentioned, but you canít have everything. And as a side-note, I donít think Slinger from Avengers Assemble has any relation to this Spider-Man.

Moving on, Spidey finds himself in the wacky Looney Tunes/Tiny Toons esque Spider-Ham world. Fortunately the episode references Spider-Manís own Spider-Ham adventure to separate the two. I actually liked Spider-Hamís design in that episode a bit more. Peter Porker appears denying the existence of a Spider-like hero. When the Goblin attacks, Peter shows his worth, and hilarity ensues. I thought this was a nice world, but one I would have liked to see more thoroughly explored. Peterís farm is the only real environment we see (which leaves itself open to The Wizard of Oz references). So, it was pretty good, but not great for me. And if people complained that Ultimate Spider-Man was too goofy, the series could have been more like this!

Overall, this episode was a solid follow-up to the previous Spider-Verse adventure. Iím hoping the worlds are explored properly like Spider-Girl and Spider-Man Noir. Iím letting Spider-Man 2099 off the hook because of the limitations of CG (and that heís awesome). This episode gets a bonus for a "Spider-Man No More!" reference, though. If the show keeps up this level of fun, it might just get a better reputation.

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