Ultimate Spider-Man
#60 - New Warriors

Original Airdate - October 14th, 2014
Spider-Man's newly assembled team of teen heroes is put to the test when Taskmaster puts his master plan into action.

Ultimate Spider-Man is produced by Marvel Animation and carries a TV-Y7-FV parental guideline.


Review by Joe Mabbon

Well, the second arc of season three comes to an end. We finally see the New Warriors team in action against Taskmaster's Thunderbolts, and all the while, Goblin puts his latest scheme into motion. A solid finale overall, though I wish that the old team had gotten more to do before they were benched. However, there were so many characters in play already, I can see why the writers chose to focus on the fresh meat.

Fight choreography was as fluid and exciting, and it showed off everyone's powers and skills. Cloak in particular got some great use out of his teleporting, though his abilities will probably get weakened if he becomes a regular on the show. I still think we need a Cloak and Dagger origin story. Why do they put so much faith in Taskmaster anyway? Speaking of Taskmaster, his plan and defeat were pretty underwhelming. I know he's a mercenary, but simply breaking Osborn out of jail is kind of a lame climax to such a complex, long-ranging plan.

I was happy to see that they held off on the cutaways, this episode had so much going on, these would have cluttered up the narrative and diffused some of the tension. I was worried that Cho wouldn't get anything to do after he lost the armor, but they still managed to bring his intellect into play and even worked in the "Cool story, bro!" meme.

The "New Warriors" arc has been major step up in terms of storytelling, animation and even humor. I'm kinda sad to see the story segue right into the "Spider-verse event." In any case, I hope the show can keep up this momentum for the next story arc.

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