Ultimate Spider-Man
#59 - The Savage Spider-Man

Original Airdate - October 7th, 2014
Spider-Man travels to the Savage Land with Wolverine to find Ka-Zar. Things are complicated by a plot from Taskmasker and Kraven.

Ultimate Spider-Man is produced by Marvel Animation and carries a TV-Y7-FV parental guideline.

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Review by Joe Mabbon

I'm not the biggest Savage Land fan, but I thought this episode is okay. Wolverine played off Spidey pretty well here and I thought this demonstrated how far they've come since the first season. Ka-Zar was good as well. Seeing him overwhelmed by the sights, sounds, and smells of the big city was the highlight of the episode. There's not much else to say about him or Zabu. He's kinda of a one-note Tarzan-like character.

I don't really get Taskmaster's plan here. Why on Earth did he think that Ka-Zar would want to work with him after he helped kidnap and slaughter his best friend?

I was also surprised by how calm everyone was about multiple jet crashes in the middle of the city. I know its Marvel New York City, but still.

Humor was pretty good in this episode as well, especially the riff on Kraven's endless stash of knives. The "humorous" interlude was probably the worst part of the episode. It not only detracted from the menace of Spidey's transformation, but also just felt like unfunny padding.

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