Ultimate Spider-Man
#50 - Ultimate

Original Airdate - November 10th, 2013
Spider-Man fights alone against his own team to save all of New York from being turned into Green Goblins.

Ultimate Spider-Man is produced by Marvel Animation and carries a TV-Y7-FV parental guideline.

Video Clip:


Review by Roxas Sora

I have a lot to comment on!

At first, by the clips, I thought the Goblin attacked and took over the Tricarrier; but then I realized that was impossible. The name clearly gave a hint: Helicarrier - Hellcarrier. But how did he manage to make it work again? By the way, the size difference between the Helicarrier and the Tricarrier was amazing. It's obvious that S.H.I.E.L.D. always upgrade itself with the best.

Spidey's team as Goblins was really a nightmare, the only thing worse than that would have been if he had turned Aunt May or Mary-Jane Watson into Goblins. By the way, when Spidey's team was mockering of him about Aunt May or Uncle Ben, I really wanted to clobber them. Honestly, the Green Goblin's plan was stupid. I mean, he wanted to create an army of Goblins like him; and he really expected to keep them under control? He didn't think his "minions" could turn against him, and become power-hunger beasts like himself?

The scene where Spidey dealed with his team one by one, trying to make them come to their senses and injecting them the Anti-Goblin serum, was really good. But there's something wrong here - how could Spidey inject the serum to Power Man, if he has an unbreakable skin?

The end with the Avengers inviting Spidey to the Avengers was nice, with good hopes for next season. However, since we know the Avengers have their own series, it's clear Spidey won't enter officially in this team; surely he will become just a "reserve member", like other times. But this worries me about something - If Spidey joins the Avengers, do you think the Goblin could join Red Skull's Cabal? After all, Norman Osborn created the Cabal in the comic books. Guess we'll find out next season.

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