Ultimate Spider-Man
#49 - Return of the Sinister Six

Original Airdate - November 3rd, 2013
Spider-Man and his team are tested by a surprise attack from Doctor Octopusí newly formed Sinister Six.

Ultimate Spider-Man is produced by Marvel Animation and carries a TV-Y7-FV parental guideline.

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Review by Frontier

Compared to the first Sinister Six episode, I thought this was a massive improvement and I actually really enjoyed it.

I do have some complaints though. I didn't like how Beetle's absence from the Six wasn't addressed at all. All it would have taken is one line about him refusing to join with Ock again and that would be it. Of course, the real reason he's not on the Six this time around is probably because he's the only one who wouldn't need a "cool" armor upgrade.

And I was disappointed with how the Lizard plotline concluded, especially because it basically cheapens what happens in "Stan By Me." So The Lizard wipes away Connors' personality in that episode and yet somehow here Connors is able to regain control and write up a cure for his condition? I was actually hoping that the formula was really made by Lizard to further mutate him and that Spidey was going to suffer the consequences of not heeding Coulson's warning and rushing to cure Connors. If the show had taken out "Stan By Me" and had this episode just continuing off the Lizard's story from the first Sinister Six episode, then things would make a lot more sense.

I could complain about the whole Alex/Rhino plotline again, but I already mentioned it in the last Sinister Six episode.

After hearing the summary for "Ultimate," I had pretty much written Osborn off as just a villain, so I was very surprised to see that Osborn legitimately did not want to become The Goblin again. It seems his attempts at being a hero were really genuine, in spite of his ego and vices. I guess this proves that the Goblin serum induces a split personality in whoever its injected into, like the traditional Goblin/Osborn relationship in the comics.

I thought the Six were much more effective here than they were in their first bout, which is funny since I think they all get less screen time here than they did in the first Sinister Six episode. I actually liked their armors, and from a plot standpoint I could see why Ock would want to somehow enhance the Six considering their previous poor performance against Spidey and the Team.

I think the armors for each of the Six made sense for the most part, since I could see how the armors would enhance the natural abilities of the person using them. Rhino rams things, so giving him wheels gives him more velocity and helps him hit his targets faster. Electro's enhanced his electricity. Kraven's effectiveness with his new armor was quite evident during his fight with White Tiger. Lizard's armor gave him added offensive strength that he'd never have otherwise. Scorpion doesn't really need any explanation. We never really got to see much of Ock to judge what his armor really did.

The fight between the Team and the Six was pretty great in my opinion. It at least seemed like all the characters had learned from their stupidity from the last Sinister Six episode, what with Spidey taking out the control device on Lizard and the Six re-using the Teams own tactic against them. I also think we got better one on one moments in this episode.

Scorpion was kinda off by his "I'll join with your enemies line" to Iron Fist, since like Ock said at the beginning, the only real enemy any of the Six had in common was Spider-Man .

Seeing Spidey take out five members of the Six on his own was pretty impressive. Though it once again makes me question the necessity of the Team .

I can understand Ock turning Norman into The Goblin again. He wanted to ruin Norman's new life by turning him into a monster and likely counted on having the rest of the Six on standby to help deal with him.

Here's hoping that with next week's finale, season two can close out strong .

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