Ultimate Spider-Man
#47 - Second-Chance Hero

Original Airdate - October 20th, 2013
Spider-man forms an unlikely partnership with a cured Norman Osborn. But is Norman really a hero as the Iron Patriot?

Ultimate Spider-Man is produced by Marvel Animation and carries a TV-Y7-FV parental guideline.

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Review by Jeff Harris

Once a villain, always a villain. Norman Osborn is clearly not sincere, and this is merely his latest plot. The business with the Frightful Four was a setup and the naive Peter Parker is eating right out of his hand. Sooner or later this will blow up in Team Awesome's face, with Nick Fury shaking his finger at Spider-Man who will have to clean this up.

This was a great episode that continued an ongoing storyline throughout the show's last two seasons. It even referenced events that go back as far as the premiere of the first season. Ongoing storylines? Plot points pertaining to previous episodes and stories? Contrary to the belief of many critics, this show has them. Doctor Octopus actually called out Osborn as being the one who planned to develop an army of soldiers based off of Spider-Man, something that actually came to fruition here using the symbiote leftovers and Spider-Man's DNA blueprint.

Harry Osborn still dislikes Spider-Man and blames him for what's happened to his father. Another character issue that has been developed throughout the run of this show, while Peter has trouble dealing with his best friend hating his alter-ego. Norman Osborn actually took the time to recognize what was going on in his son's life for once. This was the first time he realized that Peter was tutoring Harry since he's a mediocre student. He's been an absentee father throughout most of the show even before he turned Goblin and frequently neglected Harry.

I will be interested to see if this gets wrapped up in episodes 23 and 24, essentially the end of season two, or if it carries over into season three.

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