Ultimate Spider-Man
#42 - Ultimate Deadpool

Original Airdate - July 7th, 2013
Spider-Man envies Deadpool’s free-spirited life, but that all may change after one day in Deadpool’s madcap world!

Ultimate Spider-Man is produced by Marvel Animation and carries a TV-Y7-FV parental guideline.

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"Ultimate Spider-Man, Season 2, Episode #15, 'Ultimate Deadpool,' or Dare I Call This Awesome?

So, we get another guest-sta--HOWDY, FOLKS!!

Deadpool here, and I’m about to tell you how SPECTACULAR my episode was. Let me repeat myself: my episode. MY episode. Oh, sure, ole Web-ass was there as well, but then again, everyone will agree that I ran that one, and boy, run it I did.

So, they employed this Will Friedle guy to lend me my voice(s). I hear he was Batman or something. Heh, I’d call this an upgrade career-wise. Sure, he does not sound like sweet, dear old Nolan North, or my first bromance John Kassir, but hey, you work with what you got, I s’ppose.

Now, the episode was TV-Y7 rated, so, you know, no entrails arranged in flowerpots, no slicing of heads in two, that sort of stuff. Couldn't even say "kill", had to use "unalive". It was awesome and original of me nonetheless. Also, I broke the fourth wall better than Spidey. And Tiger loved me! (Do you folks think she’s legal? She sounds 17 enough…)

Anyway, Tasky was in my episode as well. But I handed his posterior to him, the little shtick. His henchmen fell to my blades (swords, you naughty reader, swords), and I also poked fun at my favorite adamantium-enhanced freak buddy. Holla at ya, Logan!!

So, was there anything wrong with this episode? Well, every single bit without me in it. Every.single.bit.

You’re probably wondering where the reviewer went to. Well, I got him hooked on my awesome new video game, Deadpool©™®, and then as he gazed at the screen helplessly, I swished my blades around and chopped off his HEY, look at the time! I gotta go.

Wait, last thoughts? Well, the episode is as flawed as the rest of the ones that had Spider-nut as the main character and not me, as you might figure. Say, when you’re done reading, interested in playing a game? Cuz I have an awesome recommendation for you…

(a note left by the now late Kumori Myu-Jishan: The episode was the first that I would call good. Friedle is rather irritating at times as Deadpool, but when he gets serious, he shines and is actually menacing. The show used the fanboy obsession with the character well, and it also utilized some elements from the comics written by Joe Kelly back in the late nineties, for instance the dance-fight with Taskmaster. Oh, and Taskmaster is also back for this episode, which is a plus in my opinion. Overall, a well executed episode that shows that this show may still have potential.)

by Deadpool, July 7, 2013, Post-Armageddon Year

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